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Stars and Stripes Forever, Sterling Silver

The Stars and Stripes are America's symbol for hope and freedom. In addition to flying our flag, Americans are always looking for additional ways to show their patriotism -- especially these days. With this in mind, we're proud to offer the Stars and Stripes Forever coin bezel ... available in both Sterling silver and 14 karat gold. For larger coin sizes, the rim of the channel features a series of diagonal stripes with alternating stars. The rim on the smaller size bezels has a continuous series of diagonal stripes and a row of stars circling the channel. Most sizes are available, including the USA gold and silver Eagle coins.

Priced at USD $28.91 silver market. Includes teardrop bail.
Coin is not included. Please see the "Coins for Bezels" section for coin pricing.

This page last modified in march 2013

Coin Type (Size) Plain Diamond Cut
USA 1-Cent     21.56       33.01   
USA 5-Cents     21.56       33.01   
USA Dime     21.56       33.01   
USA Quarter-Dollar     22.88       34.33   
USA Half-Dollar     22.88       34.33   
USA $1 Silver, Morgan or Peace Type     29.46       40.90   
USA $1, Susan B. Anthony     25.51       36.96   
USA 1 oz. Silver Eagle     31.42       42.86   
USA 1 oz. Silver Round (39 mm)     31.42       42.86   
All prices shown in US Dollars